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Found 17 plants that include the term “Galls”

(✍: Needs an article)

Acer rubrum
Red Maple
Hamamelis virginiana
Andricus chrysolepidicola
Irregular Spindle Gall Wasp ✍
Neonectria ditissima
Nectria Canker ✍
Andricus kollari
Oak Marble Gall ✍
Pinus resinosa
Red Pine
Apiosporina morbosa
Black Knot Fungus ✍
Pinus rigida
Pitch Pine
Callirhytis seminator
Wool Sower Gall ✍
Polystepha pilulae
Cylindrocarpon didymum
Cylindrocarpon Gall ✍
Prunus serotina
Black Cherry ✍
Rhus typhina
Staghorn Sumac
Cynips quercusfolii
Cherry Gall ✍
Salix discolor
Pussy Willow
Euphorbia bombensis
Southern Seaside Spurge ✍