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Gaylussacia dumosa

Gaylussacia dumosa (Andrews) Torr. & A. Gray

Gaylussacia bigeloviana (Fernald) Sorrie & Weakley

Gaylussacia dumosa (Andrews) Torr. & A. Gray var. bigeloviana Fernald

Gaylussacia orocola Small

Lasiococcus dumosus (Andrews) Small

Lasiococcus dumosus (Andrews) Small var. bigelovianus (Fernald) Fernald

Lasiococcus orocola (Small) Small

Dwarf Huckleberry, Bush Huckleberry, Gopherberry

KingdomPlantaePlants, but not fungi, lichens, or algae
SubkingdomTracheobiontaVascular plants—plants with a “circulatory system” for delivering water and nutrients
DivisionMagnoliophytaFlowering plants, also known as angiosperms
ClassMagnoliopsidaDicotyledons—plants with two initial seed leaves
SubclassAsteridaeA large class that encompasses asters
OrderEricalesTea, persimmon, blueberry, Brazil nut, azalea, many others
FamilyEricaceaeHeath or heather family
GenusGaylussaciaFor chemist and physicist Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac
Speciesdumosa“Bushy, shrubby”

About plant names...

Dwarf huckleberry is a North American native shrub.

Identification: Shrubs are 12-30" (30-75 cm) in height, and heavily branched. Young twigs are covered with short, curly hairs. Leaves are 1" (2.5 cm) long, leathery, and obovate to elliptic. Flowers are bell-shaped, cream-colored, tinged with pink, appearing in June. Fruits are berries about ¼" (8 mm) in diameter, each with 10 seeds, fewer than for blueberries.

This Gaylussacia and Vaccinium comparision chart com­pares these closely related genera, both of which contain plants called huckleberries.

Edibility: Fruits are reported both as “watery and insipid” and ”juicy and deliciously spicy,” probably as a result of misidentification of the type of huckleberry.

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Gaylussacia dumosa description by Thomas H. Kent, last updated 25 May 2020.

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Gaylussacia dumosa (Dwarf Huckleberry, Bush Huckleberry, Gopherberry)

9/20/2009 · Wild Gardens of Acadia, Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor, ME
≈ 14 × 9" (35 × 23 cm)

Gaylussacia dumosa (Dwarf Huckleberry, Bush Huckleberry, Gopherberry)

9/16/2016 · Sieur de Monts Botanical Gardens, Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor, ME

Gaylussacia dumosa (Dwarf Huckleberry, Bush Huckleberry, Gopherberry)

9/28/2013 · Wild Gardens of Acadia, Acadia Naitonal Park, Bar Harbor, ME
≈ 8 × 6" (20 × 14 cm)


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